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taken us so far 12 hours for a two and a half hour drive. >> highway 50 is open but chains are required, there is a danger of an avalanche outside established ski areas. >> the weather conditions are improving today but we still have scattered showers out there, it is one of those deals where we have the sun, clouds and a passing downpour out there. we still have coverage out there and still looks like the focus is closer to santa cruz county. those yellow and reds correspond to downpours. we could have exaggeration with the nearby rainfall but still moderate rainfall and still more activity around hayward and san leandro as well. we will shift the maps to the north and show you this in the north bay, tracking activity closer to napa and vallejo so still a bit of an unsettled weather pattern today, tomorrow, though, unfortunately, another weather system i am watching. we will have the timing on that and how much rainfall we can expect from that system developing in the pacific. >> pg&e is still working on storm related power outages around the bay area. we received a received an update
stretched across the ocean to us. let's come back to our live chopper picture now, if we can. the helicopter was showing us pictures of boats still struggling against some tide surge. the tsunami surge. you can probably still see effects, look for the swirls in the water and you can see some of the reflection there. you might be able to see swirls and eddies in the water showing how it comes in and out. we will be following this all day. here you see most of the damage it looks like at the mouth of the harbor. we will be following more of this. let's go back to gosse and tori now. >> john john fowler with a nice summary. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> we want to say good afternoon and welcome to obviously a very special edition of ktvu channel 2 news at noon. er i am tori campbell. >> i am we would like to bring the chief. >> hello. >> the chief is someone we talked to before. chief are you with us? >> i am. as you look at these pictures coming to us from here in the bay area, let's talk about what is happening here and then secondly how you and your team might be thinking abo
on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> good afternoon. topping our news, the u.s. is stepping up relief efforts to help japan recover from last week's massive earthquake and tsunami. the death toll also continues to rise and concern is growing over the threat of a possible nuclear plant meltdown. craig boswell begins our coverage with this report. >> reporter: just days after the devastating and deadly earthquake and tsunami in japan, help is arriving. two u.s. search and rescue teams are on the ground to assist operations from dozens of other countries. 75-member u.s. teams include at least 12 rescue dogs from los angeles. >> the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers from multiple disasters. we will stand with the people of japan in the difficult days ahead. >> reporter: tensions are also high for those trying to get in touch with loved ones. >> the phones were busy all the time. there was no way we could connect. >> reporter: helicopters are using the deck of the uss ronald reagan as a staging area. meantime, a second hydrogen explosion at the nu
on the story all morning and joins us now with more information. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon,er tory. within the past hour i've learned from federal agents that there's another card club raided this morning, as part of the same action. this one is artichoke joe's. you can see this is the oak's card club. state and federal law enforcement agents poring over card club documents just after they rushed the place heavily armed. >> yeah, fbi. >> several, several fbi agents came in with machine guns, machine -- machine guns drawn, told us to show our arms up. >> reporter: federal authorities stormed the card club. an irs agent would not tell us the reason for the aid. agents questioned employees and patron. >> do i know, you know, wrongdoing going on in the casino? i actually don't. >> they asked did i seek any cleating or loan sharking or did anybody -- or did anybody ask if i needed a loan? i told them know. >> reporter: authorities said an outside group may be involved. a dealer of the drub club -- of the club that hosts asian games, such as pai gwot is being sought. >>
>>> how the u.s. is hoping to prevent a nuclear disaster in japan while not putting lives at risk. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection is specifically monitoring traffic from japan. we have a live report from sfo. >> reporter: and what happened today that could mean a better commute for commuters of the east bay. >>> we begin with the obama administration announcing that the radioactive zone leaving japan does not pose a risk for this area. these are the latest aerial images of the fukushima dai- ichi plant. they are continuing efforts to cool rods while a local power company is trying to restore electricity by cooling pumps. here's more. >> reporter: japanese officials say they will keep trying to cool reactor number 3 at the fukushima dai-ichi attempt even though little has been done. >> translator: in order to start the cooling, we've asked for water-drop operations and the spraying of water from the ground. >> reporter: engineers began looking at ways to get the power back on. officials hope the power is restored -- once the power is restored to the plant, the powe
't gotten to this one yet. pg&e tells us no business has lost power. this section of grant street will be closed to traffic until they repair the damaged cable down below. it's not clear how long that could take, anywhere from a number of hours to as long as tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. >>> right now pg&e officials are defending their actions following the san bruno pipeline explosion. they are appearing before a judge and the california public utilities commission to explain why they didn't turn over complete safety records following the explosion. the cpuc will decide whether to lower the proposed $1 million fine against pg&e. >>> the contra costa county sheriff's department says one of its deputies shot and killed a suspect this morning during a traffic responsible around 1:15 a.m. in the 300 block of hanlon way in bay point. the suspect was 24 years old, a man with addresses in pittsburg and antioch. the sheriff's department and the district attorney's office are investigating. >>> today the confessed killer of o
plants. >>> authorities catch a suspect using a seldom-used kind of d ney comparison. we'll have details coming up. >>> five people wound in an overnight incident in san francisco. why it could be gang-related. the noon news begins now. >> good afternoon. >>> topping our news in japan, the threat of nuclear contamination from a damaged power plant is growing more critical and is causing complications for people struck in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami. david piper begins our coverage. >> reporter: survivors of the deadly earthquake and tsunami have something else to worry about, fears of failing nuclear reaction yarr for the in japan. men, women, and others around the area undergoing contamination checks. >> that's how it is, i think. if they test me, i will be relieved. >> reporter: officials ordered 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors because of soaring radiation levels after an explosion and fire at the fukushima plant on tuesday. the government said the fire was in a storage pond where nuclear fuel is kept cool. that radioactivity is being released dire
selection is now under way in a san francisco courtroom. ktvu allie rasmus joins us live to let us know why it has been a busy morning so far. good afternoon allie. >> reporter: good afternoon tori. the jury selection process started at 8:30 this morning. in this federal bidding. on the 18th floor. barry bonds is in that courtroom watching the proceedings. he pulled up to the courthouse just before 8:00 this morning in a black suv and walked in and cleared security just like everyone else. they started out with 100 perspective jurors and so far 42 have been dismissed either because some of the attorneys felt they heard or knew too much about the case. one was dismiss because of a recent death in the family. the ones left were asked to stand up and say what city that lived in, if they were married, their profession. most said yes they could be fair. there were a couple statements said that raised a few eyebrows. a couple people said no. it gave an impression just how difficult it can be to find totally impartial jurors. one juror from san francisco said i would be reluctant to render a judgm
, and the biggest two-week price jump on record. alley rasmus joins us with what is driving the cost and what some national leaders say they would do to bring prices back down. good afternoon alley. >> reporter: good afternoon tori. 3.51 seems like a bargain for what they pay here. drivers here are paying $3.93 a gallon for a gallon of regular gas. that is actually just 2 cents higher than what aaa says is the average right now for the oakland area and san francisco drivers are pagan average of $3.95. but if you want plus or premium gas you can see it will cost you over $4. these price spikes have caught the attention of the white house. over the weekend president obama's chief of staff talked about the possibility of tapping into the country's strategic oil reserves, we have some video to show you, they are the reservoirs and storage tanks that you're looking at in some of the video we're going to show you. the last time the u.s. did that was after hurricane katrina in 2005. now some drivers we talked to this morning had mixed feelings about the idea. >> probably should be saved for a real emerge
, the scientists say they've not found any evidence that dangerous levels of radiation from japan will reach the u.s. but they are continuing to monitor wind changes and rain patterns. >>> the crisis in japan is affecting some california students in that country. the california state university chancellor says he wants all csu students currently studying in japan to return as soon as possible. a dozen of them are from san francisco state. chancellor reed also suspended the japan program until further notice. according to the san francisco "examiner," 35 stanford students are also on their way back from japan and 17 uc berkeley students have been accounted for but are not being ordered to return. >>> there seems to be a smartphone app for almost everything. today we're learning about a new app that can help you get some help from someone nearby if you are having a heart attack. jade hernandez joins us live to explain how it works. >> reporter: if you know cpr, at any time you can save a life. but now your aid can be tapped easier before. it's as easy as downloading an app. we're live at 19th and fuls
. jade hernandez shows us how torrential rains have affected the area. >> reporter: just past these barricades, you can still see downed powerlines. at the end of the road is the county park. this man who lives nearby came to see shifts in the slide here. >> i wanted to see the progress here. there are people living here. they can get out. they have to have a good four- wheel drive to get out. it's possible that any sedan can do it. >> reporter: he's talking about the small swedish-american community. about 150 of those residents haven't had access to their homes, since trees blocked access, and a high deep wall of mud. >> the power went out and that was the first step, calling p g&e. once we washingtonned down here, it was pretty -- walked down here, it was pretty obviously. >> reporter: a sign already warns visitors of the potential dangers. >> they hoped to have a path for cars done yesterday. but then another slide happened. so they had more dirt to clear. and once they start cutting the trees -- i mean there's still hazards. >> reporter: jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 new
of whitman here in hayward. we want to bring in officer daniel jackwitz, who's going to tell us what happened. how did this vehicle start being chased to begin with? >> we attempted to make an enforcement stop on a high- speed vehicle. the vehicle did not yield, and he proceeded on 580 exiting foothill boulevard in the city of hayward. the pursuit continued through surface streets here and ended up in this residential neighborhood, at which time the suspect rammed the officer's patrol vehicle, causing the officer to collide with a porch of a residence here in the neighborhood. no one was injured at the residence. the porch structure was damaged. the officer did receive minor damage to his forehead. the suspect took foot -- fled the scene on foot. >> i heard that you found a loaded gun in the car after this chase. what happened to the suspect? you caught him nearby? >> yes, after the suspect fled the scene on foot we did apprehend the suspect with the help of the hayward police department, at which time we located a loaded firearm in his vehicle and also have confirmed that the suspect has one
they have no electricity, the men use, anything they can cook on the gas grill. candles light the tables. they were supposed to go hiking today. so far the trip isn't meeting expectations but they're coping. >> we were having breakfast in the dark, and couldn't shower, and we're quite -- quite an experience. >> we go places and you expect something but it's always different. and we always make the best of it, and we change our plans and we do something else. >> flood roadways aren't the only problems. chp guided vehicles around this mud slight south of point reyes station it. wasn't the only one on highway 1. three other spots where tree branches had slid on to the roadway. reporting live, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. >>> pg&e crews are busy dealing with storm-related power outages. early this morning a ktvu crew ran into the pg&e work others trying to repair a outage in oakland. that was at 3:30 this morning, and they worked on three other outages before that. outages were affecting 5,000 bay area customers awhile ago, most during the north bay and on the penin
was there then the -- ktvu's jade hernandez was there when the announcement was made and joins us live. >> reporter: good afternoon. the district attorney says this is about public safety -- within the hour he said 67 cases will have been dismissed by the end of today. we learned all of these cases were drug cases and all cases can be refiled. but at this point, 57 cases have been dismissed. the cases involve eight police officers and warrant served at residential hotels. so far this video has surfaced showing what is reported as officer misconduct. >> when this office became aware that there may have been problems with officers at this department, out of an abundance of caution, we took very important steps not only to investigate this matter but also to notify the court that the cases we believe at the time we did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute these cases. >> reporter: the da doesn't know how long it will take to investigate these officers and how many there might be. the public defender on the other hand says they will be reviewing between 2,000 and 3,000 cases since the officers being inv
's cloudin wong jones us live to explain why this was such a significant improvement and what's next in the long project. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good evening, tory. yes, the plan was to have the crew working at this hour on the tower but if you are looking, there are no crews working right now and that's because the last leg is already in place. that project wrapped up around 1:30 this among, 30 hours ahead of schedule. we are now getting an up close look at what's next. this is new video begin to us today by cal tran. >> if you think of the main tower as a school with four legs, we have completed a leg. >> there were four pieces of this last leg, each weighing 400 tons, each hanging 400 feet in the air. >> if you see them, you can see how much they are. on tuesday, the schedule was threatened by wind and rain but the weather improved enough to get the work done ahead of schedule. the tower now stands at 480 feet. by april, it will be 425. and this is the stool, this is the top of the stool, something known as a saddle. >> the cable that will hold up this entire rig w
news had noontime, dealing with proposition 8. the u.s. court of appeals for the 9th circuit issued a short brief today, saying while the legal fight over prop 8 continues, there will be no same-sex marriages. proposition 8 provides that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in california. and it will stay if effect during all of the legal appeals. >>> residents in miss raw ta say -- misrata against moammar gadhafi's compound are having effects. in benghazi rebels have formed a party. robert gates says nato forces could take control of the no- fly zone as soon as saturday. >>> now, to the latest in japan. japanese officials have issued the first warning about tap watter in tokyo. parents in tokyo are being ops told not to give their babies tap water because there's two times the recommended limit of iodine. that layses the -- that raises the risk of thyroid cancer. >>> also in japan they've been able to restore power at one of the damaged reactors at a nuclear power plant. the utility company says it plans to test-run a cooling pump at the number 3 reactor t
's kraig debro is there right now to tell us what is going on. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. just about everywhere you look here, you're going to see some kind of ponding. look at that. drives may be going a little too fast through there to be safe. this afternoon is all hands on deck through the bay area. there is a high surf, high wind advisory, high advisory. there is a tornado watch in effect here in the bay area. the effect the weather is having on people is predictable. no matter how prepared one is for the weather. there are always those who seem to be crouched over and scurrying the way we do when it rains hard, whether we have an umbrella or not. check out this hand some couple here north of the golden gate brim. two pigeons crowding next to one another in the shelter of an overhang. a power line cut in half at 8:50 in the morning in marin. the result, 250 customers in the area are without power and that includes the marin county jail next door. this accounts for a third of the customers without power. pg&e says that the power will be restored in marin but not until 10:00
are finding some unique ways to mark the occasion. and ktvu's jade hernandez joins us from a special event that started in san francisco and moved to marin county. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's a walk that began an hour ago. we can show you those participating are walking right toward us. it's a big mass of people that have joined together to walk across bridges throughout the world symbolized today women uniting. >> i think the main message is that gender equality is coming. we've made huge achievements and we're headed -- you know here we are in the bay area right where the riveter where has. women are meeting only bridges all around to celebrate the accomplishments so far and what's possible in the future. >> reporter: this is the 100th anniversary of international women's day. google teamed with a group women for women international. they plan to have participants on 300 bridges in 50 countries to show unity for women's rights. the theme this year science and technology. one of the speakers today, astronaut, grew up in marin and still does a lot of research he
of a summit today on bullying. tara joins us now from the newsroom to explain why they were there. tara. >> reporter: the summit is focused on stopping bullying at schools and online. and the sisters from mill valley are playing a big role in it. here they are earlier this morning, sitting down with president obama and the first lady in the oval office. sarah and emily buder were invited after writing a book with a bullying victim olivia gardner. >> she dropped out of our school [audio not understandable] so we decided to reach out to her. >> after the oval office meeting, president obama used his opening address at the summit to share their story. >> they figure they would send olivia about 50 letters but in the month that followed thousands of letters poured in from every corner of the country. >> they compiled the letters to create a book called letters to a bullied girl, messages of healing and hope. we talked to sarah last night and she hopes this summit is a turning point in the national discussion about the problem of bullying and the people start taking it more seriously. >> tha
got new information about the roll of the u.s. in the libya situation. >>> temperatures are warming up. meteorologist, steve paulson, will be along in a few months to tell us if we'll hit any records today. >>> also -- >> reporter: the giants and as. there's still some issues to be determined on the field before they play. >>> one person is dead. two were injured after a fiery early-morning crash in downtown sacramento. the crash occurred at 5:45 a.m. when a vehicle lost control and fell off a freeway ramp onto interstate 5 below. investigators closed several lanes for more than two hours before the scene was cleared and the freeway reopened. >>> federal, state and local officials gathered in richmond this morning to kick off a project they hope to transform a toxic site into environmentally-friendly homes and open space, something they say the community has been anticipating. >> and they've really been waiting and looking forward to this day when they would begin to see the clean up of the site happen and see the start of the reality for a new few -- future for this area. >> the firs
talked with the surgeon about bonds' steroid use. after him, bonds' former personal shopper she saw the personal trainer inject bond in the belly button before the 2002 season. the final prosecution witness will be a drug-testing expert. you can get updates any time on our channel 2 website, ktvu.com. click on "the bonds trial" tab. >>> we'll show you the people who won the mega millions jackpot. >>> and san francisco officials are thinking about how to handle the traffic jam when the america's cup comes to town. our meteorologist will tell fuss the nice bay area weather will break records today. also -- >> this is an honor that extend across the entire organization. >>> the news came out recently. a distinguished award for a bay area radio station run by young people. >>> renewable energy came to the city of alameda's library. a crane lifted solar panels where they will soon be installed the city paid for the panel with a federal grant and with rebates through the municipal power company. the city-owned power company gets more than 80% of its power from clean and renewable sources
because this building on coleman avenue used to be a plant where they used to manufacture military tanks. before that it was a food processing plant. in a few minutes the claw is going to reach up and start tearing no this building to make way for the new stadium. >> having your own stadium, just being able to call it our own, i think it's exciting. in return we'll get more fans come to the games. >> players say the new stadium will boost the team's morale and also bring an economic boost to the city of san jose. during construction and development it will create 14,000 jobs much once everything is built, the city projects it will bring 62 million a year into the local economy and 2 million of that would be generated for the city's general fund. >> it creates a sense of community and connection to the sports teams as well as creating jobs and economic development so it's a win-win for everybody. >> this project is privately funded , and right now they're still in the process of getting permits. once all that work is done, then we'll have a better sense of a time line of when this stadium
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